Data Cabling Solutions

CENEC are experts in data cable installation in Perth and surrounding areas. Data cabling is the unsung hero of every IT project and business initiative. It powers systems, transports data, and connects users. Without the right cabling foundations, optimal business performance is near impossible.

We provide data cabling services that focus on an organisation’s design, implementation and management of cabling infrastructures, for any sized businesses whether small home-based companies or corporate organisations.

We assess. We transform. We optimise.

Whether expanding the network or relocating to a new office, you can rely on us for cabling solutions that are guaranteed to improve your business connectivity and take your company into the digital future with our superior technology.

Our services encompass every stage of the data cabling lifecycle. We cable entire buildings, implement moves and changes, and install wireless access points and IP cameras. Chat to us about our consultation services for your upcoming projects to ensure that all requirements and regulations are met.

Accredited by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), we only use TE Connectivity and Molex Australia brands, which are international leading brands in data cabling. All our data cables are certified with these brands, to provide a 10 and 15 year manufacturer’s warranty on all cabled sites.

Fibre optic installation

Fibre optic cabling is the future of data cabling. As fibre optic cable installation contractors in Perth, we provide NBN-ready solutions for business and residential requirements. Fusion splice joining, fibre optic installations and repairs, and terminations and testing are just a few of our solutions.

A highly reliable, flexible, high-speed solution that offers your business dedicated and guaranteed bandwidth for all your network requirements. Fibre optic cables offer a range of benefits, which include:

  • Transmit more data, which means they provide a much greater bandwidth

  • They cost much less in maintenance

  • Data is transmitted digitally

In addition to having a significant increase in connection speed, fibre optic cabling offers you the ability to stay ahead with new advances in technology. Once the basic fibre optic infrastructure is installed, it can be rearranged and the end point electronics will be upgraded when necessary, delivering an even greater capacity. If you require a customised solution, we can design a fibre optic cabling route or network that will meet your business’ needs or project requirements. We also offer fibre optic testing and repair for your current installation.

If you’re looking for professional service, contact us today for assistance with the planning, installation or maintenance of your data cabling.

For a quote on data and fibre cabling installations, call us on 1300 54 24 34.