Security Cameras (CCTV)

The Cenec Group are dedicated to the providing the best solutions for the security requirements of our clients.  We are security camera system specialists and provide a full range of security cameras including CCTV cameras, security systems and network IP security cameras.

We also offer full design and installation of our products. From cost effective solutions to advanced technology, we can customise a security camera system to suit your requirements and your budget.

Reasons to have a CCTV Installation in your Organisation or Building:

  • Capture Footage of burglars – CCTV Systems can capture images and audio of attempted robberies to aid the authorities in locating and apprehending the suspects.
  • Discount on insurance premiums – Many insurance companies give a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premiums if you have a security system installed.
  • Visible equipment deters break-ins – CCTV systems can have visible equipment which would act as a deterent to a prospective burglar
  • Peace of Mind – the added protection of a CCTV system can you peace of mind and allow you to rest easy knowing your family and home are safe.
  • Protects both Inside and Outside – CCTV systems can easily protect both the inside and outside of the home or business, increasing your security and safety.
  • Remote Viewing of the building or workplace for monitoring purposes, allowing flexible workplace arrangements
  • Compliance with legal and Regulatory Obligations in industries such as the financial services secotr and liquor and gaming industries